【EN】[For adult women] How to wash the delicate zone


Also for odors, dark spots and rashes in the delicate zone.

Check again how to wash the delicate zone!


How much did your mother teach you how to wash the delicate zone?

Many people just were asked that wash your crotch nicely.

I do not remember how to wash the delicate zone at school. There may be women who are not confident even in adults how to wash the delicate zone.


It is said that washing the delicate zone carefully will not only solve the problem of odor, but also resolve various women's problems. Darkening of the V-line, coldness, menstrual pain that had given up, rashes ... it would be glad that could reduce them a little. Here, let's review "How to wash the delicate zone for adult women". (* There is an illustration of the delicate zone for women. Please be careful if you have resistance.)



Promise when washing the delicate zone

  • Wash only the external genitals, not the internal genitals (inside the vagina)
  • Wash order from front to back
  • When using kind of body soap, hypoallergenic ones with a pH of about 3 to 5.5 are recommended


The internal genitals (in the vagina) are kept acidic by the lactic acid produced by the resident bacteria. When washed, the pH balance is lost, and troubles such as vulvitis are likely to occur. Do not wash your internal genitals (inside the vagina).


How to wash the delicate zone


Wash the delicate zone with lukewarm water or soap which is creamed gently. Now we explain how to use theTurrint massage soap, but wash it with lukewarm water in the same flow.


  1. First, check your delicate zone in the mirror!

Check the delicate zone before clean washing using a mirror to see where dirt can easily accumulate.

Many people say, "I have never seen my own delicate zone." It may seem scary to see, but it's actually important to observe the delicate zone. Because, if you have an infectious disease, you may not notice the signs of the disease unless you know your health. I want to check it from time to time.





  1. MakeTurlintfoam in a basin.
  1. Prepare a foam net. (Sponge and nylon towels also foam)



  1. Wet the foam net with hot water.




  1. Take the Tulrint out of the container and attach it to the net. Then the size is almost same as coin or table tennis ball. (For a delicate zone only, coin is enough, but a little more is recommended because it can be used for the whole buttocks.)




  1. Rub the whisking net quickly to whisk.


4. Rub the whisking net quickly to whisk.Put the foam you made in the basin.




  1. Rinse the delicate zone lightly with lukewarm water.




  1. With the foam you made, slowly rub the base of your thigh from the groin. Massage the inguinal lymph.




  1. Add foam and wash the V-zone pubic hair in a circle with your finger. Please wash hair carefully as it is easy to get dirty.


Wash hair around I-line zone with foam as well as massage from the scalp in the same way as the scalp.



  1. Wash the base of the thigh. While washing, massage with the image of relaxing lower body tension.

  1. With a new foam, gently wash the clitoris and urethral opening with the belly of your finger.




  1. Wash the labia majora, open the labia majora and wash the labia minora.

The folds are likely to accumulate dirt and sebum, so turn over the labia majora and wash gently with your fingertips. Please do not wash with strong power, and be careful not to wash too much.

  1. Add more foam and wash from the perineum to anus.

  1. Wash the whole ass. Use the thickened foam to wash your whole body.


  1. Rinse with a warm shower.


Carefully flush the ingredients of the foam and cleaning agents in the same order as you wash them.



  1. Wipe the delicate zone without pressing with a towel. Keep it moist when it dries.


After drying well, moisturize the V-line and the base of the thigh with body cream or milky lotion.






If you are a young woman who is not used to washing carefully, you may think, "I'm ashamed to wash that much ...", but please take care of yourself because it is your important body. If you write down again, it seems that there are many items, but it is not really time consuming, so make it a habit to wash cleanly.


What can be expected from careful washing.


  • It can wash away smegma, one of the worst odor sources.
  • Daily cleanliness can prevent rash. (If you get rash, please use special medicine)
  • Inguinal massage improves blood circulation, metabolism and can be expected to eliminate darkening.


Inguinal lymph massage is also known as a measure against cold and menstrual pain. It is recommended to massage together when washing the delicate zone. Odors, rashes, and dark spots can be caused by hormonal imbalances or by aging and may not be resolved by washing. Nevertheless, cleanly wash is a basic maintenance, so I hope that you keep doing it every day. Please take care of your body doing your best by careful care of the delicate zone.


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