Thanks for coming to our web site. We would like to introduce our company as follow,
For creating good product, we believe that it is important to have a common image through planning, manufacturing and sales considering the people who use it.
Based on that, the accumulation of high-precision work by each person, smooth cooperation and passion are finally expressed as "products" that people use. We think that technology and ideas cultivated for over 60 years will flow into things and will be useful for the first time by making people happy.
If our feelings are conveyed to everyone, there is no more happiness. By all means, try using the product we dealt with.

President / Mamoru Okamoto


Company name KOEI KOGYO Co.,LTD.
Address 3-1-2, Showa-Machi, Kita-ku, Tokyo Japan 1140011
Foundation October 28 1953
President Mamoru Okamoto
Capital 64 million yen
Number of employees 27
Company Division

■ Metal processing division
Plating of Gold and Silver mainly for metal materials
Planning and processing for various oil lighters.
Planning and processing for character product and metal goods

■ Ravia division
Planning, Development, producing and sales for Ravia, KDIOS products and other beauty goods

■ Disaster Supplies Sales Division
Manufacture and sales of disaster / disaster prevention goods