• Vライントリマー。アンダーヘア用ヒートカッター。セット内容画像。

    Ravia V line trimmer "self-treatment of pubic hair"

    Long selling product for trimming the pubic hair.
    If you wonder which heat cutter to use, this is recommended.
    Trim unwanted hair from your pubic hair using heat.
    Cut down on the volume to refine and clean your bikini line.
    Trimming prevents some pubic hair from showing out from and deforming your underwear because of the hair underneath.
    Because it cuts with heat, the cut end of the hair becomes rounded. Therefore, it can be expected that the hair will not protrude from underwear.

    No attachment:
    white 5001-03 / pink 5001-04 Tax excluded JPY3,620

    With attachment:
    white 5001-07 / pink 5001-08 Tax excluded JPY3,810


  • Vライントリマーフローラ

    Ravia V-line trimmer flora

    Ravia V line trimmer flora are rechargeable heat cutter of high-power type that can also be used for people with large amounts of hair and hard hair.

    5001-22  Tax excluded JPY8,200


  • Vライン用ヒートカッタープティコ。アンダーヘア用ヒートカッター。初心者。簡単。安全。プティコ。

    Ravia V-line trimmer “Heat cutter Putico”

    Even if you are not accustomed to pubic hair treatment, it is a safe and easy-to-use cutter.The six major elements for the beginner’s girl which anxiety of pubic hair processing are supplemented.

    Part 1: Do not know how to treat with pubic hair.
    Answer: A manual with many pictures is included

    Part 2: Worried about the injury because it is a delicate part!
    Answer: Made by a Japanese manufacturer with a proven track record more than 20 years with a safe heat cut method!

    Part 3: If it fails it can not be irrevocable
    Answer: Failure prevention design!

    Part 4: Is it expensive?
    Answer: this is a cheapest price in Ravia series.

    Part 5: Want to quit when it's difficult to use
    Answer: Very easy to use.

    Part 6: I do not want erotic package.
    Answer: Package is very cuddy.

    Putico will cheer for girls' pubic hair treatment debut.

    5001-34  Tax excluded JPY2,650


  • Iラインシェーバー

    Ravia I line shaver

    Pubic hair specialized shaver for both I line and O zone. This is a battery powered shaver with a focus on safety with a special blade for the sensitive parts. Also, it’s useful for trimming various pubic hair styles. 

    white 5001-05 /pink 5001-06  Tax excluded JPY3,810


  • Sラインシェーバー

    Ravia S line shaver

    Self-care on unwanted back hair!Electric long shaver that is easy to handle with back, shoulder and waist.You can self-care your waste hair around your back, waist and shoulder blade easily, so you can feel confident in the back.
    You can shave hair even when it is folded, you can use it with your whole body.This is useful for those who do not enough time to go to the aesthetic, who want to make it on time for the weekend's date and who wants to handle waste hair on their back as easily as possible.

    5001-09  Tax excluded JPY5,239


  • アンダーヘア用形見本アンダースタイルガイド

    Ravia under style guide

    If you get lost in shape and rage of pubic hair, how we can do this? We answer your question!!
    Ravia under style guide is a form sample sheet for pubic hair.
    We commercialized popular patterns of pubic hair for home use
    Trigger for your original pubic hair

    5001-17(Natural) / 5001-18(Square) / 5001-19(Heart):Tax excluded JPY800
    5001-23 (Triangle):Tax excluded JPY950


  • アンダーヘア用トリートメントフワウム。アンダーヘアをふんわり。ゴワゴワ硬い毛に。洗い流すタイプのトリートメント。

    Pubic hair treatment "Fuwaum"

    Make hard and rough hair to fluffy!!Pubic hair treatment.
    For making your pubic hair to feminine and gentle touching feeling.

    Fuwaumu a special pubic hair treatment to fluff rough and hard hair.Many women's ideal pubic hair is «Narrow range growing, Thin and Soft&raquo.
    We have been offeringRavia V line trimmer and i line shaver to make your pubic hair closer to your ideal look. ‘Fuwaumu’ is released as a pubic hair treatment to fluff rough and hard hair. Use it as one of your pubic hair care items.

    Tax excluded JPY1,800


  • デリケートゾーンも洗えるマッサージソープ-トゥルリント

    Bath&body massage soap "Tulrint"

    Bath & body massage soap with low irritation and slippery lotion type.Recommended for home spa to bring out the charm of their own body.Help a massage at comfortable bath.It is also weakly acidic and can be used for delicate zones.Basic popular soap scent.

    5001-35  Tax excluded JPY2,680