【EN】Processing method of V zone with V line trimmer


Processing method of V line and V zone with Ravia V line trimmer

I saw a label such as "Recommended for under-hair self-treatment" on a ranking site, and I bought a Lavia V-line trimmer, but I don't know how to use it! For such people, I will introduce the basic usage of Lavia V-line trimmer.Dear friend who bought our Ravia V-line trimmer after checking many sites or some ranking site. If you have question how I can use it. Please check it and we would like to introduce the basic usage of Ravia V-line trimmer.

Table of contents

1、  Where are the V line and V zone?
2、 2, What can be done with the Ravia V-line trimmer
3、 Benefits of underhair treatment with the Ravia V-line trimmer
4、 Disadvantages of underhair treatment with the Ravia V-line trimmer
5、 Differences between the Lavia heat cutter and other heat cutters
6、 How to use the Ravia V-line trimmer (image)
7、 7, How to use the Ravia V-line trimmer (movie)
8、 Notes on using the Ravia V-line trimmer
9、For disconnect heat line
10、For disconnect heat line
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1、 What is the V line and V zone?

Although it differs slightly in beauty salons and each manufacturer, Ravia uses it as follows. If you are worried about pubic hair coming out of your underwear, its amount, or hygiene, caring pubic hair around V-line or V-zone is recommended at first. The self-processing is easier than the processing of the I/O zone, and the effect is easy to find.

what's V-line

what's V-zone

2、2, What can be done with the Ravia V-line trimmer

・Safety caring for pubic hair

Ravia V-line trimmer can cut the hair very safety by heat with battery. The heat line can cut your pubic hair very easily and safety. You do not need scare about burns because heat line is protected plastic comb and safe distance. V-line trimmer is very safety for using. And our company has experience for 20 years more.

3、Benefits of underhair treatment with the Ravia V-line trimmer


・Because the cut edge is rounded, tingle will be reduced after pubic hair

Long time ago, before heat cutter appeared, people tried to care it by grinding stones or burning incense sticks. The reason why the blade was not used is that there is a danger of injury, and the cut is sharp and itching is likely to occur. The treatment with a heat cutter is safer than the treatment with a blade, and the cut end can be rounded, as if it had been cut with an incense stick, and the tingling can be suppressed. Compared with incense sticks, there is no need to use fire, so there is no need to worry about burns or fire problems. It is considered the most reliable tool for pubic hair treatment.

4、Disadvantages of underhair treatment with the Ravia V-line trimmer ト

・Battery drains quickly

・Battery drains quickly

・About 1 cm remains

The disadvantage of using V-line trimmer is that the hair is cut with heat, so the battery is consumed quickly. You can use two AA alkaline batteries and a new one for about 30 minutes. This means that you can only use it twice in a 15-minute process, so you may feel consumed little bit fast. Also, the appropriate number of cuts is the one with normal hardness (thickness), about 10 pubic hair. As you can see by counting, this is a small amount, so people with lots of hair will take longer to process. ( Rechargeable (Rechargeable V-line trimmer florais recommended for those who have a lot of hair .)Also, please note that because it is a product to be cut, it cannot be smoothed like a razor.

5、Differences between the Lavia heat cutter and other heat cutters

・Research on temperature at own factory.

・We have experience for productions over 60 years and have been sold it over 20 years in Japan


In addition to Ravia, heat cutters are sold. The feature of Ravia's heat cutter( V-line trimmerV-line trimmer floraV-line heat cutter petitco) is that it is manufactured in consideration of the temperature setting so that the cut end is rounded. If the temperature is too high, the cut will be sharp, just like a blade. If it is too low, the sharpness will be poor, and the heat wire will be overloaded and the heat wire will deform quickly. Every number came from our research and experience of manufacture.

Ravia's heat cutter is a long-selling product that has been used for over two decades as a long-selling product by mothers and daughters, and is a long-selling product supported by customers. In the event of a failure or disconnection, we will maintain as much as possible. (After the warranty period has passed, we will bear some expenses such as shipping fee.)

6、 How to use Ravia V-line trimmer (image)

How to use Ravia V-line trimmer

  1. Use two AA alkaline batteries
  2. Push switch
  3. Cut about 10 hairs with holding dawn switch
  4. The top of hair is rounded by heat line after cutting

7、How to use Ravia V-line trimmer (video)

8、Notes on using the Ravia V-line trimmer

・Can not be washed

・Battery replacement in 30 minutes (2 times with 15 minutes care)

・Cut by 10 pcs each

Water is strictly prohibited. If you really want to use it in the bathroom. the bathroom must be dry. Steam after taking bath may cause malfunction. In addition, as explained in the disadvantage section, it is a product that easily consumes the battery. Replace the battery as soon as the sharpness drops. If you continue to cut while the sharpness is falling, the disconnection of heat wire will be accelerated. The number of hairs that can be cut at one time is about 10 hairs of normal thickness. Since you can't cut many at once, use fewer hairs and increase the number of hairs.

9、How to maintain and store the Ravia V-line trimmer

・Clean after each use

・Remove batteries when not using for a whileく

・Do not store in humid places such as bathrooms, dressing rooms and washrooms.

One of the causes of deterioration over time due to poor sharpness is the soot of hair attached to the heat wire. Remove the lint inside with the included brush, and also gently clean the soot adhering to the heat wire so that the wire is not damaged. We recommend removing the battery when storing. Avoid storing in humid places as this may cause malfunctions and damage the heat wire.

10、 When the Ravia V-line trimmer breaks

Ravia V-line trimmers may break due to aging. If the wire breaks, the heat wire cannot be replaced, so it must be replaced for each unit. If you wish to exchange, please contactour customer service office.

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