【EN】Public hair catalog-English Edition


Public hair catalog-English Edition.

What shape do you prefer?





「Natural」 ‘Natural, it’s the No.1 natural shape for men’

Ravia Natural gives you a naturally shaped and tidy look. It’s the No.1 shape for men with its superior comfort and look. This will trim the hair back smoothly and loosely with no sharp corners. 3cm is recommended for the hair length with this style. This is for someone who wants to tidy up but not completely remove it.Recommended for beginners.
You can make this shape using ‘Natural,.


「Heart」 ‘Cute, a cute heart shape

It’s the No.1 shape when it comes to the feeling it gives you. It is a popular shape. The top bump parts are not easy to you could make it like a petal too. Petals are cute but if you want to make a heart shape properly, please trim it short and pluck the bump parts with tweezers.
You can make this shape using ‘Heart,. 


「Triangle」  ‘Triangle, a natural triangular look’

This is a triangle shape with a natural amount of width for Asian women. This is recommended for those people who have lots of hair or a wide hair growth region or for someone who wants to tidy up a little. The key for styling is to not trim too short. It’s still good to just trim the tip of the hair. Comb the hair from the outside to center the bottom and make it flow, then it’ll create a gentle maternal pubic hair style look. This is great for beginners.
You can make this shape using ‘Triangle, . 


「Oval」‘Oval, a small oval shape’

This is recommended for someone who wants a small shape style that isn’t square.This will trim the sides so the hair will be in the underwear nicely. The key is to trim the hair down to 2cm.
You can make this shape using ‘Natural,.


「Traditional」 ‘Traditional, a popular elegant shape for men’

This shape makes a gentle look. It looks balanced with the width increasing going towards the bottom. It creates a casual and fashionable feeling. If your original hair style is ▼an inverted triangle then you would have to shave the top part so pore dots may show. This is a popular shape because you don’t have to trim the I zone but it’s still fashionable. It’s recommended for beginners.
You can make this shape using ‘Triangle, . 


「Mini triangle」 ‘Mini triangle, a small triangular style’

This makes a small triangle shape. The triangular shape is quite popular and it’s believed by most people to be No.1 in size. The key to trimming for this is not to trim the triangle too finely, so for this style, you just trim the hair volume back and make a sort of triangle. It’ll be cuter if the I zone is either shaved or trimmed short too.
You can make this shape using ‘Heart,. 


「Square」 ‘Square basic rectangle’

The idea is to make a small cute vertical rectangle shape, if not done correctly, it would look like a piece of seaweed. If making the rectangle two fingers in width, the length should be short. After deciding the style, try to make the outside long and the inside short, so that the style will be natural in contrast. This is popular for active women because the hair will be narrow and short enough to not come out of the underwear.
You can make this shape using ‘Square, . 


「Two finger」  Two finger size square’

This is a sporty rectangle shape. Cut it short and refine it. The square makes your legs look longer so it’s really effective, if you are looking to go for a cool look,then it’s highly recommended for you.
You can make this shape using ‘Square, . 


「One finger」 ‘One finger one finger sized square’

This style is pretty subtle as the amount of hair is quite small so some men may feel that a style with more hair is more fun. The great thing about this style is that you can put imported underpants on easily. The key is to keep the pubic hair short and thin in width as a long shape looks less romantic. Also, if you trim it yourself, it will not be easy to make the area smooth as there will be some pore dots left. Difficulty level: high
You can make this shape using ‘Square, . 


「Aggressive natural」 ‘A little bit more aggressive style’

This is a small tidy pubic hair style. This seems a little aggressive in style so reserved men may be scared of this style. Keep the hair about 1 cm short in length to avoid getting hairballs. Keep the cut hair moisturized so that the spikes will be smoother if your shaving is large. Pore dots after shaving may show.Difficulty level: high
You can make this shape using ‘Natural,.


「Birne」 ‘Birne, feminine pear style’

This is a beautiful shape but it’s rare to find someone who has this. It gives a gentle pubic hair style impression.The length should be easy to comb. I line trimming is ok when just shortening slightly.
You can make this shape using ‘Triangle, . 


「LOVE triangle」 ‘LOVE triangle, smaller triangle’

‘LOVE triangle, smaller triangle’ The size is similar to the aggressive natural style but the triangle gives a lighter impression.Difficulty level: high
You can make this shape using ‘Heart,. 


「Diamond」 ‘Diamond, playful mind pubic hair style’

This is for positive and aggressive women. Making a bold shape is better than having no shape. The length should be a little short. The I line should be trimmed properly.Difficulty level: high
You can make this shape using ‘Triangle, . 


「Ultra wild」 ‘Ultra wild, just what it is’

Keep it what it is. That is a strong choice and attractive. The attitude and look of ‘I don’t trim on purpose.’ is great but not the attitude of ‘I didn’t notice it was growing.’ or ‘I didn’t know I was supposed to trim.’


「Hygienic」 ‘Hygienic no-hair style’

This is a hygienic style with no hair. It depends on the country or culture, some choose to remove the hair totally and some just don’t grow any. Of course, some women choose this hygienic style as they think: ‘I want it to be clear.’ or ‘I want that area to be clean.’. It is not easy to get rid of all pubic hairs completely by yourself, so that’s why some people go to the salon. Difficulty level: high



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